Radio Network Planning

2G/3G/4G/5G Network Design
Small Cell Planning and Solutions
Wimax, Tetra Solutions and Design
Critical Communications Solutions
Propagation Model Tuning
Nominal Cell Design
SARF and SAR production/verification
Technical Site Survey
Frequency and Neighbor Planning
Initial Tuning
In-building RF Planning and Test

Radio Network Optimization

GSM / WCDMA / HSPA / LTE / NR Measurements
KPI Analysis & KPI Mapping
Parameter Tuning
Optimization based on Subscriber Perceived Quality
Voice Quality Metrics; PESQ, POLQA, sQlear
Video Quality Metric; PEVQs
Capacity/Traffic Analysis
New Feature Testing and Effect Analysis
Network Health Check (Consistency Check, Frequency, SC, Neighbor Plan Audits etc.)
Social Media Performance Monitoring
Customer Complaint and VIP/Special case handling

Radio Transmission Planning and Optimization

Nominal Transmission Planning
BSC/RNC Dimensioning and Configuration Planning
IP Planning (RNC-NodeB, BSC-BTS)
Abis Planning and Mapping
Line of Sight (LoS) Surveys
Technical Site Survey
Capacity Planning (ATM&IP)
Frequency Planning
Transmission Network Optimization


Benchmarking using TEMS Paragon – Director Platform
Score based competition analysis
(Streets, highways, sea routes, railways)
Walk Test Benchmarking using TEMS Pocket and Paragon
(Shopping & Business Centers, Airports, Stadiums etc)
Mobile Internet, YouTube, Social Media, Video Streaming, VoIP
Mobile to Mobile or Mobile to PSTN/ISDN Call Analysis
Historical Trending Visibility and Analysis
Competitor Performance and Investment Analysis

Field Performance Monitoring and Testing

Site Verification and New Feature Performance Tests
Cluster/Polygon Monitoring and Optimization
Continues location monitoring with TEMS Sense
Voice Quality and Mobile Internet Tests
Before/After Swap Verification
Frequency Scanning Test in GSM 900-1800, UMTS 900-2100 & LTE & NR Bands

Network Maintenance Services

Corrective Maintenance
Periodic Maintenance
Site Reworks
Site Leasing
Inventory Managements

Customized Software Solutions

Data/Parameter ETL Processing
Automatic Report Generation
Dashboard based on BI tools
Data and Map Integrations
Handling of large data sources; Layer-3, Scanner etc
Parameter Based Benchmarking

BI & DWH Development Services

Dynamic Dashboard Reporting
Dynamic Filter Selection Field & Charts
Map Integration
High Performance Visulisation
Customised Dashboard Screens
Dynamic Threshold Values
High Performance ETL (Extract-Transform-Loading)
Incremental and Full Loading Data Transfer Methods