As a technology company, we use our knowledge, experience, infrastructure and resources needed to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, together with innovative approaches.

Thanks to our ever-evolving ISO-9001 Quality Management, ISO 45001:2018 Health and Safety Management System, Information Security Principles and our organization structure connected to this system; we are committed to being an innovative technology-oriented organization that makes a difference in our industry.

In order to improve our quality, we continuously monitor our existing processes and accordingly carry out improvement actions within our organization.

We ensure that our employees contribute to improving our service quality. We also make sure that our principles are clearly adopted by our staff in all units.

We offer complete and accurate projects and services to our customers with the understanding of continuous control mechanism.

We comply with the legal regulations with all our employees regarding the prevention of accidents, injuries and occupational diseases and act according to the well defined procedures.

Electra believes in Diversity at work place and implements some Diversity Policies within the organization. Current diversity policies are based on Gender, Disability, Culture/Ethnicity and Religious Belief.