Monnit is an award-winning IoT leader and innovator. Industry experts recognize and honor us for our leading-edge IoT Remote Monitoring Solutions. Monnit has Remote Monitoring Solutions combined with award-winning IoT Sensors, Gateways, and Software, so you can easily receive and analyze data efficiently and cost-effectively. Monnit Solutions give you the data you need to keep operations throughout your organization running the best.

ALTA Advanced Wireless Sensors, Gateways and IoT Platforms

ALTA Advanced IoT Platform

  • Access to data from anywhere 24/7: on any Internet-enabled device
  • Exceptional wireless range: up to 1,200 feet non-line of sight through 12+ walls
  • Multiple sensor transmission choices: Wireless, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and Wi-Fi
  • Immediate alert delivery: via a text, email, or call

ALTA Wireless Gateways

  • ALTA Cellular Gateways
  • ALTA Ethernet Gateways
  • ALTA Advanced EDGE Gateways
  • ALTA Serial Modbus Gateways
  • ALTA Wireless Sensor Adapteur

ALTA Wireless Sensors

More than +80 Wireless Sensor Types, with variety of applications and use cases.

  • ALTA Wireless Temperature Sensors
  • ALTA Wireless Humidity Sensors
  • ALTA Wireless Air Quality Sensors
  • ALTA Wireless Gas (CO, CO2, H2S) Sensors
  • ALTA Wireless Soil Moisture Sensors

IoT Remote Monitoring Systems and Platforms

  • iMonnit Cloud based Sensor Management Software
  • iMonnit Basic
  • iMonnit Premiere
  • iMonnit Enterprise Sensor Data Management
  • Monnit Mine

Monnit Wireless Sensor IoT Platform Applications and Services

Professional Services

Product Customization

New Product Development

Installation Services

Training Services

Wireless Sensor Applications by Industry

  • Remote Environmental Monitoring
  • HVAC Monitoring
  • Agriculture Monitoring
  • Data Center/Server Room Monitoring
  • Logistics and Warehouses