Infovista, the leading provider of network performance orchestration solutions for a better connected and collaborative world, acquired the TEMS business on August 22, 2016. InfoVista offers expertise and solutions that enable wireless operators to expand network capacity, improve operational efficiency and deliver a premier customer experience. Ascom develops its own line of mobile network testing, monitoring and post-processing solutions that have been trusted by mobile operators for decades under the TEMS™ brand. Today, those solutions enable field testing (drive, in-building, autonomous) of mobile networks, automated post processing of data collected via these – and other third-party – probes, OSS-based network troubleshooting and optimization, and application testing and monitoring. ELECTRA is an official sales representative of Infovista products in Turkey.

TEMS™ Investigation

TEMS Investigation is the industry-leading tool for wireless network drive testing, troubleshooting, verification, optimization, and maintenance.

TEMS™ Investigation

Site Verification and Acceptance,

Initial tuning (RF optimization),

Network Acceptance,

Service Quality Monitoring,


TEMS™ Investigation

Used in more than 180 countries worldwide.

Optimize a World in Change.

Do More – Faster.

Access a Rich Feature Set.

TEMS™ Pocket

TEMS Pocket is the most advanced and powerful handheld tool on the market for verification, maintenance, and troubleshooting of mobile networks, including in-building wireless testing and basic cell planning tasks.

TEMS Pocket

Real-time, Anywhere

In the Palm of Your Hand

Efficiency Through Simplicity

TEMS Small Backpack

TEMS Pocket

User-customization Data Views

Outdoor Mapping

Layer 3 Message Viewing

Indoor Testing

Audio Quality Measurements

TEMS™ Director

TEMS Director is a web-based service that allows you to remotely control and manage a fleet of TEMS probes. In addition, it links the data collected by these probes with thresholds deciding what tests need to be performed.

TEMS Director

Reduce network test cost

Real-time visibility of test results

Remote controlling of test fleets

TEMS Director

Share network test scripts

Single platform for controlling and test results


Compatible with TEMS Investigation, Pocket, Paragon

TEMS™ Paragon

TEMS Paragon is an autonomous network testing system that gives detailed overview of network quality as perceived by the subscriber. TEMS Paragon is the premier drive test system for mobile network Benchmarking projects.

TEMS Paragon




Autonomous Testing 24/7

Service Quality Monitoring,


TEMS Paragon

Quality Monitoring

Competitive Benchmarking

Audit and Verification

Radio Network Engineering

Fully Integrated with TEMS Director

TEMS™ Discovery

TEMS Discovery is a wireless network reporting and analytics tool for indoor test post processing, drive test analysis, and LTE network diagnostics.

TEMS Discovery

Transform Data Into Insight

Automatic Analysis

On-the-spot Confirmation

Vendors/Products Supported

TEMS Discovery


Multidimensional KPI View

Indoor Mapping Functionality



TEMS™ Sense

With our powerful network testing and measurement software, TEMS Sense, you can implement automated, remote monitoring of service performance from a variety of locations.

TEMS Sense

Early detection & correction

24×7 active service testing

Remote controlling

SIM Switch for Benchmarking

TEMS Sense

Customer location based

Indoors and Airports

Valuable customers insight

Service QoS Monitoring