As ELECTRA, we are specialized in Wireless Telecom Engineering services. During our services in order to provide right solutions to our customers we prefer to develop our own software applications and tools. In this approach some of our software solutions become products that can be used by other clients directly or by customizing them according to customer requirements. Our software and analyst team has very strong skills to create right algorithms in those software application. In ELECTRA we believe in innovative and pragmatic approaches towards final tailor-made solutions. As an example, in KPI analysis we used BI platforms and became capable of observing network performance issues in many different angles.

Performance Scoring Dashboard


Another performance monitoring layer on top of conventional KPIs,

Management level direct visibility,

Historical trend monitoring,

Customizable for both network statistical data or drive test data,

Clear vision of Network Bechmarking

KPI Dashboard


Fast processing of selected KPIs,

Created for Benchmarking purposes,

Dimentional (time,region etc) investigations,

Layer-3 Analyser

Layer-3 Analyser

Identification of parameter settings in competiton,

Fast parameter search in large drivetest data,

Dimentional investigations based on time, region etc.