Sky is not the Limit!

A Trusted Partner in Engineering Solutions.

Electra Telecom is an independent engineering and consulting firm that combines extensive knowledge in wireless telecommunication industry with specialized expertise in operations, technical transformation and cost-efficient improvements in telecommunication networks. 

Our company was established in January 2012 in Turkey and the target customers are Operators,  Infrastructure Suppliers and R&D Centers both in Turkey and surrounding countries. The company aims to help customers to improve their operations and accelerate technical performance to deliver the competitive advantages to their subscribers and customers. Our specialized areas are mainly in Radio Access Network part of the infrastructures, especially Radio and Transmission Network Planning, Optimization, Network Performance Monitoring and Benchmarking in 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks.

Our professionals are skilled enough to challenge conventional thinking consistently deliver innovative customized solutions. We also work side by side with our clients to accelerate execution and reach ultimate results. We are committed to work based on our Quality Management Systems and Health & Safety requirements and improve the efficiency of our clients.

Electra complies with the Personal Data Protection Act No. 6698 (“PDPA”) and its activities arising from the relevant legislation and legal regulations in Turkey. Electra believes in Diversity at work place and implements some Diversity Policies within the organization. Current diversity policies are based on Gender, Disability, Culture/Ethnicity and Religious Belief.

Collaborative Working Style

We strongly intend to deliver results, not only reports. To that end, we work side by side with customers to create and implement practical but also long-term solutions.

Innovative Approach

We challenge conventional thinking and target to invest in learning of applied research through many education materials and trainings.

Proven Methodologies

Our Planning Strategies and Network Improvement Methodologies can deliver outstanding results. We, as senior partners, have seen and experienced with the transformation from 2G networks to 5G over the last 24 years.

Specialized and Functional Expertise

From senior partners to junior staff, our experts are dedicated to specific functional part of the network topology. We intend to know your network problems and tailor solutions accordingly.